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The Eastern States Trail-Endurance Alliance promotes trailrunning and the responsible use of public lands, through events such as the Eastern States 100,  Ironstone 100K and Eagleton Trail Challenge, three footraces we manage as a stewardship for trailrunners and the community.


  • We serve as stewards of the Eastern States 100, Ironstone 100K and Eagleton Trail Challenge and manage them as a public trust for the benefit of the community.  We set high standards, we work hard to meet those standards, and we focus on long-term sustainability.  We want our races to be there for our trailrunning grandchildren when they’re ready to test themselves on some of the toughest races in the country.


  • We promote trailrunning.  We believe in the power of movement in nature to enhance lives, that traveling fast and far over rough terrain in any weather builds confidence and competence and makes us more completely human.  We believe this is a birthright and a blessing to be shared.


  • We promote unity and cooperation within the trailrunning community, and work to perpetuate the trailrunning ethos.   There are many groups and individuals, many different races over different distances, but at the core we are one fellowship built upon mutual respect, shared hardship and accomplishment, shared beauty, and love of the wild places.


  • We promote unity and cooperation between trailrunners, other users of public land, and the communities that support us.  We maintain trails and advocate for the responsible use of public lands, not only for runners, but for the good of everyone.  Our shared interests are greater than our differences.  When we combine our strengths with those of mountain bikers and hunters and hikers and birders and everyone else, we can make a difference in how our land is used and protected.

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